MedBiquitous Earns ANSI Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that MedBiquitous has earned accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), an internationally recognized endorsement.

ANSI assesses the quality and processes of standards development organizations. Prior to transitioning to the AAMC, MedBiquitous was ANSI accredited and nine of the current 13 MedBiquitous standards were ANSI approved.

During visioning and listening sessions, our community members voiced the importance of seeking ANSI accreditation, now as a program under the AAMC. Our information technology colleagues in particular expressed the value of ANSI accreditation in the earnest consideration and commitment to data standards and standards work. In August 2020, we submitted our application for membership and accreditation. In January 2021, we were informed of the acceptance of our application.

With this major milestone achieved, MedBiquitous continues to position itself as a critical component in the infrastructure supporting health professions education globally. All future and revised MedBiquitous standards will now be eligible for ANSI approval.

We look forward to the work of the community in this next phase of MedBiquitous’ growth. Please contact us at if there are other activities you would like MedBiquitous to engage in to support your efforts.