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MedBiquitous Transitions to AAMC

As a long-time member organization of MedBiquitous, the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) is pleased to be the new organizational “home” for our technology standards.  Under the leadership of the AAMC, MedBiquitous will continue its mission to develop and promote standards for the health professions that advance lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and better patient outcomes.

2018 MedBiquitous Annual Conference is Fast Approaching!

Register today and take advantage of the early bird rate (deadline extended to April 13)

Although it doesn’t quite feel like it here in Baltimore, spring is here! And that means that in just a few shorts weeks, MedBiquitous will host our 2018 Annual Conference, designed to bring you and your colleagues together for a few days of education, exploration and networking. The event will be held May 21-22, 2018, at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.

David Cook to Deliver Keynote Address, Teodor Grantcharov closing plenary at MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2018

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce that David Cook, MD, MHPE, and Teodor Grantcharov, MD, PhD, have accepted our speaking invitations for MedBiquitous’ 2018 Annual Conference, to be held May 21-22 at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Educational Achievement Standard Delivers Common Language for Documenting Learner Competency and Achievement

MedBiquitous has announced the launch of its Educational Achievement standard, designed to unify competency and achievement data to draw a complete and accurate picture, electronically, of how a learner progresses throughout his or her career.

Building tools to integrate our systems: The Curriculum Inventory API

Our Curriculum Inventory Working Group is kicking off a new project to integrate our systems and allow for a “real time” exchange of data and resources.  Our goal is to leverage the great tools and content that already exist and maximize the potential they have to work together.


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